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Who We Are

At Home Base, we are a team of loving, dedicated Jewish professionals committed to nurturing your child and meeting their social-emotional needs. Supported by the staff of Wise Temple, Home Base goes the extra mile to deliver enriching Jewish experiences to your child and family. Learn more about us below. 

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Lauren Glynn Smyjunas serves this role with a decade of experience who brings a passion for community engagement and education. Lauren is committed to creating enriching experiences and fostering a sense of belonging for all families. 

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Meet the Director

Supported by Wise Temple

Home Base is supported by Wise Temple, a congregation with a 175-year history of nurturing Jewish children in Cincinnati. At Wise Center, students enrolled in Home Base can enjoy the award-winning children's library, playground, soccer field, hiking trail, and more. On a regular basis, students will interact with Wise Temple staff, including the synagogue's musician, librarian, educators, and clergy.

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